Frequently Asked Questions - and answers to everything and anything regarding the conference, we will be intesively updating the FAQ over course of next few days

What is preferred way of traveling to Banff, the location of Reboot Develop Red?
For all international attendees the preferred way of traveling is flying into Calgary airport, which is one of major international flight hubs of Canada! After that you are all taken care off as all conference pass owners (all types) will be provided with high-end direct shuttle booking code free of charge which they will be able to utilize to book a specific timing for their shuttle from Banff to Calgary on the arrival and from Calgary to Banff on their departure date. Codes and details on shuttle bookings will be email to all conference pass owners roughly 30 days before the conference dates.

What is the preferred accommodation option during the conference?
The suggested and preferred accommodation option is at Fairmont Banff Springs, the iconic venue and luxurious resort where conference is taking place as well. Not only is the accommodation there convenient because of the conference location but is also heavily discounted for all of our conference attendees through a special link on our accommodation tab here on the website (as we have managed to negotiate a special booking price for the attendees).

What would be ideal time of arrival/departure to Banff, related to the conference dates and schedule?
We strongly suggest that everybody arrives in the afternoon or night before the first conference day and not depart before the morning after the last conference day. Main reason for that is that conference content really does start every single of three days at 10AM and last until 6PM or even longer with multitude of additional social/networking activities planned during evenings of all three conference days. We have also made sure that Fairmont Banff Springs does provide additional discounted accommodation slots for all the way from two days before the confernece dates and until two days after the conference dates.

How do I submit a speech, I don’t see speech submissions being open?
That is because Reboot Develop brand of conferences (both Blue and Red editions) is widely (in)famous for being curated, invitation only (where invites are sent roughly a year in advance) when it comes to building it’s high-end speaker list. This is how our board manages to keep the focus on both very specific topics as well as inviting best of the best industry creators and leaders to speak at the conference. If you feel that you would fit the lineup perfectly do not hesitate to drop us a line and show your interest at info@rebootdevelop.hr because we do make few exceptions every year.

Is there a meeting application, I can’t find it anywhere! How do I meet people?

This another thing which is strong signature of Reboot Develop. We have become known for super relaxed way of doing organic business and meetings at our event and our attendees value that approach immensely. As the whole conference is taking place inside of the same conference resort where all of the attendees are staying and spending all of their time, you will be able to meet face to face all of them, sit with them for a meeting in of the beautiful resort lounges while enjoying the view over Canadian Rockies or just setup a lunch or a dinner at one of great restaurants around.